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Elle is so, so into her Disney movies. Some how, she can pull the exact movie out of a stack(only the binders are showing!)every time. Today she wanted to watch Tinkerbell, I then remembered I had these wings in the garage. I went to pull them out, I put them on and flew into the house past her! She loved it and immediately wanted me to take them off and she wanted to wear them. She is so cute!

Tonight we went to Walmart, and of course, I had to look in the clearance toy section! Guess what we found! Tinkerbell pet party playset. It has the smallest little pieces, but she only wanted Tinkerbell, ladybug and the caterpillar. She is sleeping with them tonight.

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Elle loves, loves to play. She is great at pretending! Her imagination amazes me more and more each day. She has always liked this hat, but this is the only way she will wear it. No one can help her put it on, she is the only one that can do it, its pretty funny! Enjoy:)

Yes, she does have pen marks all over her body! Thank you Patrick:) He lets her draw on herself when I am not home. She told me she was a zebra! haha


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Ivan has officially turned over from his back to his stomach!! This was a huge step for him. He has also been pushing up on his hands from his stomach for some time now, but never was caught on film. Here are some photos from today, enjoy!

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So our Walmart now has a Clearance Toy section!! I love having Walmart here in town, but at the same time I hate it. Its so addicting when you have kids to always see what great deals you can find. Well, I found the kids a car! It was kind of a pain to put together, but they both love it! Here are the photos of our new car, enjoy!

I put Ivans little bumbo seat in now, so he can hold the steering wheel and not fall over, so cute:)

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So our friends Jodi and Bob are into WWE. I have never watched this type of wrestling on TV, or watched it ever. They had been bugging us to come with them when WWE came to Phoenix. So we thought, why not?! WOW, not for us. It was fun to see the drama and how ridiculous this show was. Our highlight of the night was seeing Darnell Dockett who is a DT for the Phoenix Cardinals. I took a photo of him as best I could with the lighting in the arena.

It amazes me that people really like this type of thing, it had so much drama involved. I can see why kids like this, but adults?? I am not here to judge, just weird! Anyways, Bob had told me he wanted cotton candy and a foam finger. On our way to our seats at the beginning of the show, we bought him a mask, belt and t-shirt. We had awesome seats, 3rd row from the ring! That was cool too, plus okay, I will admit some of the wrestlers were very good looking:) It was a great night, whether we liked the actual show or not. Bobs motto is “I will not make you have fun!” We always have fun, no matter where we are!! Enjoy the photos!


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I have had photos of Coral that Ali and Brandon’s friend Sandra took of her at 9 days old. They are so good and she captured some great emotions from Coral. Enjoy!


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So we have been sick since we got back from San Diego. So not fun. Right now Ivan still has a cough, but it seems to be getting better. We have been house bound and have been trying to stay busy within the home. Its pretty hard, especially with two little ones. I have been trying to take some photos of the kids, to show how much fun we can have without going out and about all the time. Here are some photos, enjoy!

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