Glamma’s in town

18 Apr

Glamma and grandpa Lee came to AZ this weekend and stayed at The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort. Its a great time there, we hang out and swim all day, take a boat ride, eat and just relax. The kids were so excited to go swimming, but it took them a LONG time to get into the water if they did at all. If we took them under the water you would have thought we were trying to kill them, they were screaming so loud. I took them each down the water slide a couple times and I enjoyed it, don’t think they did. They will be fish here in no time, they have to refresh their skills from Infant Swimming Resources starting the end of May!

Anyways, we had a great short visit with Glamma and Grandpa Lee. We celebrated the kids birthdays and Easter. They got to see Elle’s first soccer game. We can’t wait to see them again!

Pictures 290Pictures 287Pictures 286Pictures 285Pictures 284Pictures 281
Pictures 262Pictures 261Pictures 260Pictures 258Pictures 257Pictures 255
Pictures 252Pictures 250Pictures 245Pictures 242Pictures 241

glamma wknd, a set on Flickr.

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