Elle and Soccer

16 Apr

Well, a couple of Elle’s friends play soccer and last year we went to many games. She always told me she wanted to play, so when I signed her up for this spring soccer I thought she would be good to go. Well, it has definitely been a challenge getting her excited to play. She is really good at kicking the ball back and forth with me and some of her friends. However, when it comes to practicing/playing with her team its another story. She freezes, runs funny, walks, twirls her hair and looks like she is in lala land! Its pretty comical.

Today was her first game, and her coach was great. When she was in to play, she did a lot of wandering around. He got her into the game and let her kick the ball in from off the field and assisted in our first goal. So that was exciting and comical.

Pictures 239Pictures 237Pictures 236Pictures 235Pictures 233Pictures 232
Pictures 230Pictures 229

Elle soccer, a set on Flickr.

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