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1st football game

Last Saturday the kids and I went to watch my friend Nicole’s son play. Elle was really excited to watch Cole play football, Ivan just excited to see the ball. After the game, the players came off the field and Cole came to say ‘hi.’ Elle followed him until we got them to hug, she was so happy! Too cute. Here are the photos from the game that Nicole(an awesome photographer) took. Nicole is the football’s team photographer.

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Buckeye Boy

Patrick ordered Ivan a new rug for his room and it finally came in! While I was playing with him, he kept getting into crawling/walking position. Poor Ivan is wanting to crawl/walk so bad. Oh well, he loves his new rug and this is Patricks favorite pose!


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Kegs ‘n’ Eggs

So we had our last football game of the season and as always its against our #1 rival, University of Michigan.  We had many of our friends and family over to root on the team.  We did have a couple Michigan fans, but they were very mellow and did not cause any trouble.  It started at 9am and everyone stayed a long time, some more than 12 hours!  Overall it was a very successful party, The Ohio State Buckeyes won and we had great people to celebrate with!

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Rose Bowl here we come!

We had a big game this past Saturday against Iowa.  I have many friends from Iowa and we were all on the edge of our seats.  We happened to win in OT.  We are now heading to the Rose Bowl and there are acouple contenders for the other spot. 

This coming weekend is another big game for us, the Michigan game.  We have been major rivals for years and this is the 106th meeting of these teams.  Hubby has taken the day off and we are having a kegs and eggs party.  It should be fun, but there is much preperation to be done this week.  I better get my list started.  Well, just wanted to congratulate the major win for The Ohio State Buckeyes and hopefully another come this weekend.  O-H-I-O!


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