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The Island

Today my girlfriends(Yaneth, Kristin and Nicole) and I took our kids to Makutus Island to play. This place is a complete workout, so today I wore my workout wear! The last time me and the kids were here was my friend Yaneths sons birthday. I was in dress pants and a nice shirt, not play attire. I came prepared this time. I don’t know how to describe this place, its got a couple trees you climb up, fun fast slides. I mean fast!! The first time Ivan and I went down the ‘banana slide’ I thought it was a short slide. The kid before me went and yelled for me to come down after a second. HAHA, the best tube slide I have ever been on. There is a video attached, sorry in advance. Enjoy the photos!

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{Banana slide}

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Beautiful baby boys

OMG, I am so happy for my friend Tara! June 26th she delivered the cutest twin boys I have ever seen. I got to meet them today, I took them their dinner. I was in heaven and Ivan was super jealous, haha. Oh well, he will have to get used to me holding littler babies than him. He was really sweet with them though, he wanted to touch their hair. Elle was to busy playing with Gren and Hazen.

Well, Tara looks great after having twins not even a month ago and these two new babies equal 5 kids all together! I had to get a photo with Banner and Brek, you will see how cute they are too! Way to go mom! Enjoy.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Fun at Grandparents

So today, the kids and I went to hang out with my grandparents that live in Sun City West. Ivan slept a couple hours before we left the house to head over. We got there around 1:30-2pm and he was gung ho on playing. I tried to get both him and Elle to nap, but that did not pan out so well. Here is what we(they) did while supposedly napping!

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Celebrating Yaneth

My friend of 4 years is officially a citizen as of July 9th!!! She has been working really hard studying for all the tests she had to pass in order to become an United States citizen. All us girls wanted to have a celebration for her which was supposed to be a surprise, but had a lack of communication somewhere. Oh well, she thought we were all getting together like we do every month, little did she know!!

Sophia got out her good China and set up the dining room. I bought a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, Kristin made a great Greek salad, Karen brought the wine and Sophia made an awesome Greek lasagna, corn and rolls. We had a great dinner celebrating Yaneth! I am so proud of you Yaneth!

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Bunco, Bunco and Bunco

When it comes to drinking, we use all the cards in the deck. Bunco is just another card! The game is played with a minimum of 12 and then multiples of 4 after. Our group plays for $$$, each lady puts in $10 which goes to the pot and to food. We usually play 3 games of 6 rounds, but tonight we only got 2 down, we talk too much! Hey, we are women who love to chat!!! I can’t wait for next months, it will only become more crazy! These photos are pretty tame, my mission during the evening was to get a photo with all the girls, I DID IT. haha, enjoy.

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3rd Friday

I got to swim with the kids this time, Patrick and I are switching every Friday. This was my second time and I love it. Here is a video of Ivan swimming, enjoy!

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