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Yearly spring Ohio trip

We always try to get back to Ohio at least twice a year. Usually in March and then September. Well, the kids and I left Patrick and the farm behind. I kept the kids up later than usual, thinking they would sleep on the plane. Yeah, right! Well Elle did sleep, Ivan on the other hand was a busy bee. Wow, he needs his own seat! He was exhausted, yet he fought the entire two hours to Little Rock. We had a three hour layover in Little Rock, Arkansas. Which went well! I was really excited to have a layover, that way the kids could run around and stretch. From Little Rock we flew to St. Louis switched seats and to Ohio we went.

It was a short trip, I liked staying 2 weeks the last time I went. We could see everyone and relax. Short trips are nice too, but I don’t relax. I always feel I am on the go! We hung out with my mom, Lee and Robyn most of the trip.

Thursday was my moms birthday and ever since I moved to AZ, I have wanted to spend it with her. So that was my main reason for this trip! Robyn took the day off, and so we visited mom at work. We took her flowers and the kids got to see moms coworkers. The kids and I had lunch with Kathy on Friday. After lunch it was time to meet up with a couple friends from high school, Kelli and Elizabeth. It has been so nice to meet up with them and their girls for play dates. I wish I could see them more, next time maybe more than one play date will be in order. After a couple hours at the park, mom, Lee, Robyn and I had a bowling party to attend. It was fun, I had not bowled in so many years I lost count. Drinking and bowling= FUN! Sunday, Robyn, the kids and I and Kathy met for lunch at Cheesecake! It was a great time hanging out with my sisters! I love them so much. Sunday night, the kids and I drove to Dayton to stay with grandma and grandpa Espy. Grandma made a great meal, it felt like Thanksgiving! Elle and Ivan got their Easter baskets early from them, and Elle was so excited. Monday morning she let Ivan have his, but Elle ended up eating most of his candy. I don’t think he got any of it.

I am happy to be home, however I do not like all the chores that come with being on vacation. I have been busy since I have been home, trying to get my house back in order. We missed Patrick like crazy and wish he could have come with us. Next time hopefully it won’t be a spur of the moment trip and he can plan to take time off work. Here are the photos from the trip, enjoy!

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Elles first pedicure

So today I took Elle to get her toe nails painted. She was super excited! It was a day of firsts, she let me put her hair in a pony tail!!! We leave for Ohio in two days, so she is really excited. Enjoy the photos.

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Lucky Wig bunco

So I hosted bunco at my house this month!!! I wanted to do something fun and unusual, so I had the girls where their luckiest wig. I got the idea off of Real Housewives of Orange County, yes pathetic, but fun! After bunco, we all usually go out to a local bar or two. We headed to Arena and it was Rock a Roke night! Nicole, Melissa and I sang “Rock n Roll all night” by KISS. It was lots of fun. We all had a blast, enjoy the photos.

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Life sometimes passes so quickly, I often wonder where the time goes! We have been very busy bunnies lately, so here is an update on our LIFE!!

On the 3rd of this month we went to this awesome bounce place called “Pump It UP!” Huge Huge bouncers that even us adults can play in:) I wish I had Patrick with me, so I could have played more. With Ivan not being able to do any of these things yet, its hard to have fun like the kids. I still had fun though. I did end up taking Ivan into one and playing for about a minute, ha, till the other two decided to get out and go to another one. Here is a short video of Noah and Elle having a blast.

After ‘Pump It UP’ we went to visit Patrick; Noah and Elle love to pretend they are working. This time they were pretending to give the Rx cat its medicine. They are just too cute.

When Marcello arrived home after school, we had a blast playing outside. These three really have great imaginations!

Elle is really hard to get dressed lately, she refuses things I pick out. I decided to let her dress herself, well that does not go well either. She gets into an outfit and immediately wants to wear something else, until we are on the 10th outfit in 15 minutes. I finally put my foot down and told her she can either go naked or wear what I pick out. She let me dress her in this outfit, which I thought she looked adorable in. She picked out the dress and leggings herself at the store!

On the 8th, my friend Sophia started a new job, so i watched her little ones until her husband picked them up. They are super cute and love to play! Dress-up was played the majority of the time they were here.

The next day, I came down from Ivans room and found a streaker in my house!! AAAH!

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Ancestry continued

Anders Vikre passed away on March 7, 1882 and Sofie in 1880. They are your 4th great grandparents.

Jacob Nygaard Vikre

Jacob Nygaard Vikre, son of Simon Andreas Vikre and Anna Marte Jacobsdatter Vikre was born in Stavanger, Norway on August 30, 1887. He emigrated to America in 1888 with his parents and brother and sister, arriving at Wegdahl, Minnesota the early part of May, 1888. He received his education in the public schools at Milan, Minnesota, and at St Olaf college, Northfield, Minn., and was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith. Jacob Vikre came to Lake City, South Dakota in 1915 as manager of the Thompson Lumber yard, which position he held until the yard was discontinued. On July 25, 1917, he married Clara Annete Shervey.

Clara Annete Shervey

To this union were born four sons, Vivien, Merle, Lyle and Donald. The family moved to Cando, North Dakota in 1926, where Jacob managed a lumber yard for three years, after which they returned to Lake City. He spent the next few years in the restaurant business, truck farming, manufacturing and selling potatoe chips and as a contractor and builder. During this time he began work on the invention of a “Silent Sash Holder and Anti-Rattler,” which he patented in the United States in 1935 and in Canada on February 9, 1937. This patent led to the formation of the J. N. Vikre Company which manufactured and marketed the Vikre Sash Holder in the United States and Canada. Because there were no facilities to produce the steel and brass parts for the sash holder in Lake City, Jacob would go to Minneapolis, Minn. and rent punch presses at Strand Manufacturing Company. He would punch out the parts himself and then load the parts onto a four-wheel trailer pulled by the family car and bring them back to Lake City where the family would assemble the parts and ship the packaged sash holders to customers. In the summer of 1937, the entire family went to Minneapolis, pitched two tents under the Camden Avenue bridge for a month while Jacob and the two older sons, Vivien and Merle, punched out the necessary parts and brought them back to Lake City. On February 5, 1938. Jacob began the day as usual by working in the shop in the family home and later in the morning going to the post office for the mail. In the afternoon, he complained of not feeling well and laid down to rest. Later in the afternoon, he worsened and the Doctor from Britton was called. Because the roads were gravel, not paved and because it was winter, the Doctor did not arrive until evening. Jacob passed away shortly after the Doctor arrived. He was 50 years, 5 months and 6 days of age at his death. Death was due to a blood clot. The funeral was held on February 9th in the Lake City School auditorium with interment at Zion Lutheran church cemetery near Veblen, South Dakota. Jacob Vikre was a World War I veteran having served in the U.S. Army Air Corp., a member of the American Legion And a member of the Lake City Fire company.

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My grandfather, Lyle Vikre thought it would be a great idea for me to post about our ancestors. My grandfather is very into our genealogy and has been for some time now. He has traveled back to Norway to find/meet relatives. His ventures have lead him to tons of information regarding our family. I thank him for staying so involved in completing it, for it interests me. Thanks grandpa for sending me this information as well as photos.


In his early years, Anders Pedersen Slottebrekk Vikre spent some time as a sailor on an English ship. Probably one of the “Lobster-vessels” which were engaged in freighting lobster from Karmoy, Norway to Hull, England.

When the war broke out in 1807 between England-Sweden, Norway, Denmark and France, he resigned and stayed home at Karmoy.

During the war, the food supplies were poor. It also was dangerous to go out fishing because of English capture ships. The capture ships were all over. The crew or pilots on these ships were familiar in these areas because it was the same people that manned the “lobster-vessels”.

One day when the fog was thick, Anders rowed out to Jarsteinen, an island outside Skudenes to do some fishing. While he was fishing, the fog cleared up and he found himself almost alongside one of the capture ships. Anders tried in vain to escape. He was brought on board the ship. As he had been a sailor on English ships and did speak some English, he was treated fairly well.

Some time later the arrived at the city of Hull, England and anchored in the river. Some Dutch ships also were at anchor. One night, he was on deck and the current was very favorable, he managed to slip into the water, swam and drifted toward the Dutch ships and was picked up and hidden (on board).

It turned out, the Dutch ship was bound for the far-east. Out in the open sea, the crewmembers were each handed a sabre to defend against Algerian pirates. The trip to the far-east and back again to Amsterdam , lasted 2 years. He then left the ship. From Amsterdam, he was a worked his way on a Dutch ship bound for Mandal, Norway. The war was then over (1807-1814). The Dutchmen treated him well. They furnished him with food supply. He walked his way (about 150 miles) to Stavanger. From Stavanger, he got shipment to Skudenes, and then home to Vikre. When he arrived, he still had his sabre.

In 1817 he married Sofie Pedersdatter (lilledal) Plasset, born in 1796. In 1819 he leased the farm (Slottebrekk) Wichre from his deceased father.

He achieved a license as a sea pilot and stayed at Wichre as farmer and pilot. Once he piloted a Danish ship in to Skudeneshavn. The Danish Captain sold to him a floor clock, 2 ½ yards high marked: A.P.S. 1833 made at Bornholm, Denmark.

Anders Pedersen Vikre died about 1880. My Grandfather inherited the floor clock and the sabre. The floor clock did my Grandfather give to me (the writer of the story) and it still works properly. Anders Pedersen is a man that left a big family in Norway, many places in America and in Australia.

Ludvig P. Syre

The story of Anders Pedersen Slottebrekk is told to me by Gabriel Olsen, the son of Ole Hagensen.

Ludvig P. Syre

Ludvig P. Syre is the 2nd cousin to the children of Simon Andreas Vikre.

Translated into English for the American Vikre family by Knut Vikre, September, 1999.

Knut is a Grandson of Lauritz P. Vikre, brother of Simon Andreas Vikre.

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Ivans 9 & 10 month photos

Two more months and my baby will be ONE! Here are some of my favorite photos of him from his photo shoot done by my friend Paula. Enjoy!


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