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Snowy Ohio Christmas Vacation

Oh, we got so lucky to have a great flight to Ohio. The snow covered every inch of land and flying over the snow was breathtaking. I love going to Ohio when there is snow, I think the thoughts of how cold it is leaves my mind then! The kids were so excited to get to play in it and go sledding and make snow angels. This was going to be Ivan’s first time in the snow!

We got in on Sunday the 19th just before dinner. My cousin Kendra and her daughter Natalia came for dinner and to hang out. It was great seeing Natalia whom we would not see on Christmas. Natalia got to open her presents from my mom. Ivan was enthralled with all of my brothers old car ornaments on the tree downstairs. He got most of them down and was playing with them all night. He was one happy camper!

Monday my mother and sister had to work, so the kids and I were hanging out in the house and playing outside for as long as we could before freezing. Here are the photos from the day.

Tuesday we did not do much during the day but let the kids catch up on much needed sleep. That night we went to Worthington Square Mall and got the kids photos with Santa. Elle was really excited, so cute! Ivan could have cared less, he was very interested in the holiday decor and the lighted up animals next to Santa. We then went to dinner at non other than Bob Evans! YUMMY!

Wednesday was the day Lee’s granddaughter came to open presents, have dinner and go to the Columbus Zoo for Lights. We had so much fun, we even got to open a couple presents as well, lucky us. The temperature was freezing and so the kids were completely bundled up. Ivan really could not move any part of him, HAHA. Total ‘Christmas Story’ moment!

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Yearly spring Ohio trip

We always try to get back to Ohio at least twice a year. Usually in March and then September. Well, the kids and I left Patrick and the farm behind. I kept the kids up later than usual, thinking they would sleep on the plane. Yeah, right! Well Elle did sleep, Ivan on the other hand was a busy bee. Wow, he needs his own seat! He was exhausted, yet he fought the entire two hours to Little Rock. We had a three hour layover in Little Rock, Arkansas. Which went well! I was really excited to have a layover, that way the kids could run around and stretch. From Little Rock we flew to St. Louis switched seats and to Ohio we went.

It was a short trip, I liked staying 2 weeks the last time I went. We could see everyone and relax. Short trips are nice too, but I don’t relax. I always feel I am on the go! We hung out with my mom, Lee and Robyn most of the trip.

Thursday was my moms birthday and ever since I moved to AZ, I have wanted to spend it with her. So that was my main reason for this trip! Robyn took the day off, and so we visited mom at work. We took her flowers and the kids got to see moms coworkers. The kids and I had lunch with Kathy on Friday. After lunch it was time to meet up with a couple friends from high school, Kelli and Elizabeth. It has been so nice to meet up with them and their girls for play dates. I wish I could see them more, next time maybe more than one play date will be in order. After a couple hours at the park, mom, Lee, Robyn and I had a bowling party to attend. It was fun, I had not bowled in so many years I lost count. Drinking and bowling= FUN! Sunday, Robyn, the kids and I and Kathy met for lunch at Cheesecake! It was a great time hanging out with my sisters! I love them so much. Sunday night, the kids and I drove to Dayton to stay with grandma and grandpa Espy. Grandma made a great meal, it felt like Thanksgiving! Elle and Ivan got their Easter baskets early from them, and Elle was so excited. Monday morning she let Ivan have his, but Elle ended up eating most of his candy. I don’t think he got any of it.

I am happy to be home, however I do not like all the chores that come with being on vacation. I have been busy since I have been home, trying to get my house back in order. We missed Patrick like crazy and wish he could have come with us. Next time hopefully it won’t be a spur of the moment trip and he can plan to take time off work. Here are the photos from the trip, enjoy!

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We survived the Ohio weather and had a great time! Elle saw and played in snow for the very first time, she really did not like the wet feeling. However, we did get to sled before it melted away. We took walks in the cold and enjoyed playing outside, not in the snow.

We saw our family and spent quality time with everyone. Our friend Trish is moving from Columbus to Denver, so we will miss her the next time we head to Columbus. Denver is not that long of a flight!!

Elle went through her first tunnel at the play area at Polaris Mall, we had to bribe her with Leap on the other side. She is cruzin’ around things which is scary, we do not want her to walk yet. We want her to stay as little as possible. She even now drinks from a sippy cup! We believe she had a growth spurt too, while in Ohio. She seems taller and thinner. Its crazy to us that she is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in a month and a week, YIKES! Its really quite sad, but we have definitely enjoyed every moment.

We all get to be together during the day now, Patricks schedule has changed at work. Pool here we come, you better be ready for the splashing. We are excited to go to Hawaii in two months to celebrate Ali and Brandons wedding. We better hit the gym hard till then.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures and we love you all! Happy Easter:)

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