Easter Sunday

25 Apr

Happy Easter!
The kids and I went to church this morning, picked Eric up and drove out to Sun City West to our grandparents house. We hung out at their house for a little bit then went out to eat. The first restaurant we went to was a COMPLETE NO! The place was packed and so the second choice was WAY better! It was quiet, you could actually hear what one another had to say and we really enjoyed our time together. We stayed there for a couple hours! Ivan was getting pretty fussy, hence he had no nap. Well, I took Elle to the restroom and he did not like me leaving him with the rest of the family. Soon after we were gone, Lee came into the restroom with Ivan. Ivan, Elle and I get back to our table and their was a huge Easter basket at Ivan’s place. So the kids fight over the basket for a while, and then appears a basket for Elle! Two happy tired kids ready to get in the car and sleep.

We had a great day and ended it off with a couple pieces of candy! Hope you had a great Easter too!

Pictures 380Pictures 377Pictures 376Pictures 375Pictures 374Pictures 370
Pictures 367Pictures 363Pictures 362Pictures 361Pictures 360Pictures 359
Pictures 358Pictures 357Pictures 356Pictures 355Pictures 354Pictures 353
Pictures 352Pictures 351Pictures 348

Easter Sunday, a set on Flickr.

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