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Love for cats and dogs

Ivan is a true Espy! He is a total animal lover. If I could only catch him on camera playing with the cats, you would see how gentle he is with them. Elle was never like that, she would pull their hair.

Today, Patrick took the dogs for a stroll around the neighborhood and when they returned the kids were up from naps. Elle and Noah each took a dogs leash and were then walking them around the house. Okay, dragging them, they were so tired. It was pretty cute. Well, Ivan wanted in on walking/dragging the dogs. He was getting pretty upset when neither Elle nor Noah would let him hold onto the leashes. I got Noah to kindly let Ivan pretend to walk the dogs. He was super happy!

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Where to start?

So I have not posted anything in 10 days. Today my son, Ivan turned 10 months, TEN MONTHS!!! WOW, in two months one year. Crazy. I love every second with my boy, he is just so happy. Right now though he has been sick, which scares me. RSV is going around here in the valley of the sun, especially kids under age 3. Ivan’s cough got pretty scary when we were out running errands this afternoon. However, he was not on any medication, it had worn off and I hold out till before bed. Patrick and I decided to buy each of the kids a humidifier for their rooms, since the air here is so dry. We will see how this effects them, may still have to make a doctors appointment.

The past two weeks have been pretty crazy, but a good crazy. I am really enjoying watching both Noah and Cello. To see how Elle interacts with Noah is amazing, she adores him. When Cello gets to my house after school, both Noah and Elle run to the front door to greet him. Well, they both run out to the car to greet him! We play board games, build puzzles, run around, dance and just have fun. The other day after Cello came home the three of them were playing monsters. In the closet under the stairs they hid, and one of them would run after the other two out of the closet and into Art’s dog cage. Cello kept coming to tell me that Noah and Elle were in there. No one was being locked in, I DO NOT lock any human in a dog cage, just Art! They were playing, being kids and having fun. So I told Cello that there was nothing to worry about, just don’t lock either of them in! Its also funny to see how they tattle on each other for the silliest things. Elle will get sassy with Noah and tell him what to do, if he doesn’t do it, she tells me he needs ‘time out.’ Elle only gets time out if she does not apologize and throws fits, she doesn’t even go into time out once a week. She is a pretty great kid, however time out does work when I need to use it.

Valentines weekend was a fun one. Thursday the 11th, Kathy(Patrick’s sister) came into town! She got in late, due to the wonderful weather the east coast had. Then Friday, we had the pleasure to celebrate with Tera and her twins, Nicole and her bambinos, Aida and her kiddos, Lea and her son and then Ali(my step-sister) and her daughter. I borrowed Tera’s bounce house and the kids had a blast. Everyone was on sugar rushes and had a blast, shoot the last guests left around 5:30pm and the party started at 10am!

Friday night Kathy and I went to my friend Yaneth’s house for a purse/accessories party. It was fun, Kathy knew a couple of the girls, so it made for a more pleasurable evening. After hanging out with the girls for a while, Kathy and I needed to head home and refresh! We were headed to the casino once Patrick arrived home from work.

Oh, the casino! We picked the wrong night, lesson learned. Still fun, but some drama. I will not get into details on here, sorry. Nicole, Tera, Kathy, Patrick and I had a great time at the main bar(what we call it). We had a couple drinks, chatted and then went upstairs to visit my brother in the nightclub! It was not the kid of crowd we are used to, and we had a couple drinks, danced and then left. We all had babysitters to relieve, so we headed home. Friday fun day is all I like to say for this particular Friday!

Saturday oh, Saturday how I felt so relaxed! Kathy had gotten me a Spafinder gift certificate for Christmas and I finally used it! I had a Swedish massage, facial and pedicure! WOW how much I needed all three. After my four hours to myself, it was time for sushi! I met Patrick, Kathy and the kids at Kona! YUMMY!!!

Valentines day was a typical one for us, we don’t really celebrate it. However, I did tell Patrick I wanted new perfume, which he got me! Queen! Since I am the queen of the house, haha. It smells good and he likes it on me. Isn’t that what counts? I made him a country dinner and we watched our favorite show Dexter! Very romantic.

Well, that is all the catching up I am doing tonight, so until next post! tata

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Entertainment center turned kitchen

On Design Dazzle, I found this awesome post, check it out here. I need to find more inspiration like this! While my sister was here, I built the kids a ladder for one of the trees in the backyard. I would love to build a treehouse. My search will continue!

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Toy Town

This morning I packed up the kids and we went to Toy Town! I love this place and so do the kids. There is so much for them to play with and they are entertained for hours. I took my newspaper, coffee and tried to relax, but that did not happen. The kids twisted my arm and I played too!

I helped Elle get into her dress up attire, Noah fill up his car with gas and Ivan with everything. He crawled all over that place and he was SUPER exhausted. We got there when it opened and had the first hour to ourselves which was fantastic! I am making sure to arrive there early every time from now on. Enjoy the photos from today! Happy Friday.

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Amazing Allyson and Elle

Last Saturday when we went over to my grandparents for dinner, grandma had a new doll for Elle. We opened it and realized it needed 7 batteries! We were all joking how this doll better do housework, pay bills and cook with all those batteries! ha. Grandpa even went to the store to get more batteries; he did not have enough. So while he was gone, Lee read the directions for Allyson. WOW, she kept telling us you better get ready because programming Allyson was like programming a computer. I was so not looking forward to this much work. Grandpa got home with the batteries and we told him he was such a computer guru, he could program her. I ended up doing it and it was not that bad. This doll has its own internal clock and I had to program Elle’s bday, so when you wake it up everyday it tells you holidays, etc. Pretty cool! Well, here is a short video of Elle and us trying to play with Amazing Allyson, enjoy!

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Feb. 4th~ photos of kids

So I was going threw photos the other day of Elle. Seeing when Elle did things so I could see how the kids compare. I realized I had not posted photos of them to compare their looks in a while. So I took some photos of Ivan today! Enjoy.

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Ground hogs day

Well the ground hog saw its shadow today, so its another 6 weeks of winter. Like that matters much here, love it!
Today I got a sneak peek to Ivans 9 month photos. I can’t wait to see more and share them with you, enjoy!


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