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Our friends Zoey and Zach turned 2!! They had a fun party, with a jumper! Elle was not sure at first, but really ended up loving it. It was great seeing friends and Tera and Jeffs family. Enjoy the photos and video of Elle jumping!

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I have added a new blog to my world! It is for my Home Interiors business, so check it out: I hope to help you make your house a home at the end of the day!

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Phoenix Zoo with our friends today was so much fun. Aida and I were talking about how we notice so much more on a kid level. We would have never noticed all the kid activities before, kinda funny! Nancy, Aida and Sophia and I took our kids to the zoo so they could see the animals. Sophia, Nancy and I have already been to the zoo this month, but for Zoolights. The only animal we saw at night was a zebra, not to exciting for the kids. Here are the photos from today! Enjoy.

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Elle and I went to see Mickey Mouse and his friends! Elle loves Mickey Mouse, Minnie and the gang, so I took her to Playhouse Disney Live down in Tucson. We went down early and had a fabulous lunch with Ali. It was sad, I was thinking about the last time I saw her and it was at her wedding last May:( Not good, both of us are just super busy and time passes. She is pregnant too, so Elle and the new baby will have a cousin! Very exciting.

We were lucky enough to have some friends at the show too! Anne, Connie and Katherine were all there with their families. It was great seeing them and Anne was nice enough to let us come sit with them. Here are photos from Playhouse Disney Live! Enjoy!

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We had a great day! It started out rough, Elle would not nap. She was really cranky, she ended up sleeping for a couple hours. After she awoke, we ate and were off on a walk.

The weather today was crazy, it was really humid and hot. We were all in shorts and t-shirts! Just wanted to share our day with you all. Enjoy!

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Art~ when we got home

We added another member to our family last night!!! We have been wanting another pet around the house. Yes, we are crazy animal lovers:) Once you have over two animals, you are considered NUTS! It does not get really that much harder, just one more mouth to feed. Since we have been missing Grayson for over two months now, we needed to bring the animal number back up to five.

Yesterday, Patrick and I had an itch to go to the dog shelter. So, after lunch off we went . We leashed up Woody, since he is our neurotic dog; any animal that gets along with him, will do just fine! We looked around both the dog and cat areas and really liked this dog named Atreyu. We met him, he and Elle really hit it off. Patrick and I had never seen her act like this with any dog. They would chase eachother and he was very gentle with her. She laughed and they just played really well together.

The next step was to bring Woody into the picture. We introduced the dogs and they really got along. Woody is usually the non-stop barker around new dogs; with Atreyu he did not bark long at all. WOW!! We might nave hit the jackpot. We were at the shelter for a couple hours getting to know Atreyu and learning as much as we could about him. We left the shelter very confident that he would make a great fit for our family. The final step was to bring all three dogs to meet Atreyu.

Well, Patrick had to work at 5pm, so we came back home. Patrick and I discussed our feelings and we mutually thought we needed him. Elle, I and the three dogs got back into the car and went back to the shelter. The introduction of all the dogs went really well. We had four different shelter workers handling each of the leashes and making sure it went smooth from the start. Once the dogs were accustomed to eachothers smells the leashes came off. They all ran, played and it was all I needed to make the decision complete.

Here are the dogs photos. Enjoy!
Art Jerome
Woody Tito

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Elle got her BIG Bed!!!

We got Elle a queen sized bed and it finally came in. We picked it up yesterday and she slept great. It was like Christmas for her again. The mattress was in plastic and she was laying on it, while Patrick was taking it off. It was super funny.

She has been for the past two months falling off her little crib mattress on the floor. She would fall off, wake up and cry for us. We were waking up at least 3-4 times per night. It was getting really old, Patrick and I would wake up and tell the other person it was their turn to help her.

Here are photos from last night! I tried taking some photos of her laying down, but she was to excited she could not really lay still. Enjoy!

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