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Vet fun

So yesterday Tito had been throwing up for 6 hours and I decided it was time to take him to the vet. He acted like normal, wanted food; however after eating would throw it back up. So I packed up my sleeping kids and off to the vet we went. The doctor wanted to keep Tito for a couple hours and run tests on him.

Picking up Tito we found out he had eaten some kind of cloth and it was clogging his stomach. They hydrated the fat guy with an IV and wanted him to come back in the morning to stay the day.

This morning we dropped him off by 8am and he is being monitored and hydrated. Patrick and I believe that whatever he ate was lying on our back porch. GROSS!

Tito is back home and back to normal, whatever he ate had passed!

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Buckeye Boy

Patrick ordered Ivan a new rug for his room and it finally came in! While I was playing with him, he kept getting into crawling/walking position. Poor Ivan is wanting to crawl/walk so bad. Oh well, he loves his new rug and this is Patricks favorite pose!


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Tucson Thanksgiving

Ali was so kind in letting us all come down to Tucson for Thanksgiving. Patrick had to work till 2, so we left shortly after he got home. It takes us a good hour and fifteen minutes, but went by fast. The kids took a nap and I believe Patrick did too! Everyone picked something to cook and bring to share with the family. Everything turned out so yummy! We missed many family this Thanksgiving, but I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family. Near or Far they mean so much to us, we love you!


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Our friends Bob and Jodi came over for steaks tonight and as usual we laughed the whole night. I thank god Jodi is in my life, because if I had to deal with Bob and Patrick by myself, I would die. They are so funny, the things they come up with blows me away. Anyways, after dinner Patrick gave them a treat. They asked him to come clean their house only if he wore his yellow gloves, haha.

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Andy’s 4th!

Our friends son turned 4 and they had his birthday party at an indoor amusement park.  It was a lot of fun, the little time we were there.  Andy had a great time and had many friends and family to help celebrate.  Patrick and I have known that Elle is an introvert, but it really showed today.  All her great friends were at the party and she did not want to play with them.  She was in a whole new environment and wanted to scope out the place before she got comfortable.  So her and I played acouple games, one in particular.  The elephant squirting game, she loved it.  The elephants shot water out their trunks.  We did’nt get a chance to play with friends cause Patrick had to get to work earlier than he was supposed to.  So off to CVS we were to pick up Ivan.


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Kegs ‘n’ Eggs

So we had our last football game of the season and as always its against our #1 rival, University of Michigan.  We had many of our friends and family over to root on the team.  We did have a couple Michigan fans, but they were very mellow and did not cause any trouble.  It started at 9am and everyone stayed a long time, some more than 12 hours!  Overall it was a very successful party, The Ohio State Buckeyes won and we had great people to celebrate with!

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Park Play

Today, Nancy and I met at a great park in Chandler for a picnic and some play time.  It was so nice outside, we could not have asked for a better day.   Since she moved, its been nice to catch up with eachother.  Shoot she only moved 30 minutes farther from me.   I’m happy to have great friends in my life, even if we have bumps along the way.

 Elle really loves her girls and they play so well together.  Her girls really like Ivan and he loves to watch them interact.   Elle fell on the playground and started crying for Ashley.  It was pretty cute,  Ashley came to Elle’s rescue!

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