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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!
The kids and I went to church this morning, picked Eric up and drove out to Sun City West to our grandparents house. We hung out at their house for a little bit then went out to eat. The first restaurant we went to was a COMPLETE NO! The place was packed and so the second choice was WAY better! It was quiet, you could actually hear what one another had to say and we really enjoyed our time together. We stayed there for a couple hours! Ivan was getting pretty fussy, hence he had no nap. Well, I took Elle to the restroom and he did not like me leaving him with the rest of the family. Soon after we were gone, Lee came into the restroom with Ivan. Ivan, Elle and I get back to our table and their was a huge Easter basket at Ivan’s place. So the kids fight over the basket for a while, and then appears a basket for Elle! Two happy tired kids ready to get in the car and sleep.

We had a great day and ended it off with a couple pieces of candy! Hope you had a great Easter too!

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Easter Sunday, a set on Flickr.

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Glamma’s in town

Glamma and grandpa Lee came to AZ this weekend and stayed at The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort. Its a great time there, we hang out and swim all day, take a boat ride, eat and just relax. The kids were so excited to go swimming, but it took them a LONG time to get into the water if they did at all. If we took them under the water you would have thought we were trying to kill them, they were screaming so loud. I took them each down the water slide a couple times and I enjoyed it, don’t think they did. They will be fish here in no time, they have to refresh their skills from Infant Swimming Resources starting the end of May!

Anyways, we had a great short visit with Glamma and Grandpa Lee. We celebrated the kids birthdays and Easter. They got to see Elle’s first soccer game. We can’t wait to see them again!

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glamma wknd, a set on Flickr.

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Dancing Princesses

My cousins Amanda and Keira came to Arizona to visit our family. I got the pleasure of having them stay with us for two nights. Elle and Keira had a great time together and Keira was so sad to say ‘goodbye’. Keira had never seen ‘Tangled’ so we watched it Sunday night and this was what the girls were doing after the movie. Enjoy!

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Ivan is just now getting into relaxing on the couch and watching a movie or TV. He might not stay relaxed too long, but its a start. I remember Elle always watching TV at his age or younger. Ivan would rather play with his cars or balls or be playing outside. I can’t believe how big they have gotten, I love it!

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Eating machine

Ivan is my good eater, he will eat pretty much whatever you put in front of him. This morning he was eating his cereal and I remembered Elle eating her cereal the same way. So I took some photos. Enjoy!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Girls Date

Last Saturday, Elle and I went on a date to the Arizona Science Center to see Body Worlds. I had bought a Groupon for the museum just for the exhibit. It cost me $25, which saved me $20 overall!

We got there around 12:30 and waited in line till 2. We were pretty close to getting into the science center, but when I heard that Elle and I would not be getting into the exhibit till 5, we were not staying. I asked Elle if we could go see a movie or go to the bookstore and she said “NO.” She really wanted to see the exhibit, as did I. However, I was having my bunco girls coming over at 7:30 and I still needed to get my house ready. Plus, Ivan was at my dads napping, and I did not want to ruin their day! So I then asked Elle if we could go to a ‘princess store’ and she said “YES!” I had no clue what store that was going to be, but would figure something out on the way to the car. However, I just paid $12 to park and really did not want to leave just yet.

Thank god there was a Matsuri Festival going on outside the science center doors. Lots of Japanese food, and various vendors. So, Elle and I watched some Japanese dancers and got something to drink. Then I saw face painting and thought that Elle would like that, they even could do ‘Hello Kitty‘! We stood in line to get our faces painted, I thought I would go first then Elle would want hers done too. So I got mine done and she said “NO” to getting hers done. She had had her eye on a different prize, a much better prize. I paid for my face painting and followed her to what she wanted. She wanted a Pikachu mask, which was a must better choice of money spent! She is so smart! So we bought the mask and went to find the next fun thing.

As we were walking around the festival we heard loud Gong sounds, so we followed the sound. We were surprised to find an authentic Gong player! We sat down and listened, we were drawn in. He was done, everyone clapped and the next group came up on stage. We could have sat there all day and listened to the beautiful music! However, it was now getting late and we had to go pick Ivan up from Grandpa’s.

On the way to the car, Elle and I found some stairs and she wanted to play on them. I let her and she had a blast! She was telling me how many more minutes she was gonna play. She started at three minutes, would run up and down the stairs till it was two minutes and then down to one. She was so cute. I love Elle so much and can’t think what life would be like without her. I am truly one blessed mom!

Here are the photos from our date!

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