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Wordless Wednesday

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Fun Fridays!!!!

So far Nicole and I have had some great Fridays. Last Friday we took our kids to the drive-in to see Toy Story 3. Buzz Light year showed up in person yelling “To infinity and beyond!” The kids really enjoyed seeing him live. The drive-in was great, because Nicole and I were single moms for the night with all five of our kids. I made my SUV into the mom pad and Nicole made hers into the kid pad. My last row of seats completely come out, so I turned them backwards and we were laying in luxury! haha

The movie was great and I am so glad we took them to the drive-in! What a great memory.

So today, the kids had their ISR swim with me, and they did great! After their lessons we headed to Pecos Park Pool for the Itty Bitty Beach party. We had a great time and got lots of sun! I did not take any photos today, I am bummed. However, I don’t know if I could have. Keeping my eyes on them at all times, limits my photo taking while at the pool.

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Patrick and I are very artistic and so it should be natural for our kids to be as well. I did not know to what extent it would show at this young age. Elle is 3 1/2 and draws ALL DAY LONG!!! I can’t tell you how many reams of paper I have gone through because of her. I love it.

Ivan has also shown an interest in drawing and I made the mistake to let him paint when he was too tired. So it was after dinner and I told them they could finger paint before bed. So I got them all set up, Ivan goes to dip his hands in and passes the paper and his thumb goes right into his mouth. So I clean him up and put him to bed. So Elle is downstairs finger painting by herself. We have never really done finger painting here, we always use brushes. I’m about done with getting Ivan to bed, when I hear “MOM!!!” I look down the stairs and she has covered herself in paint, YIKES!!! I run down the stairs to get her cleaned up. So now she is clean! I then notice foot prints all over the floor and paint all over the walls, and my cabinets. Thank god it was ALL WASHABLE! Anyways, I took some clean photos of the kids drawing, enjoy!

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Last Saturday, Yaneth and I had our friend Jodi’s bridal shower at 2 at Arcadia Farms. The shower was so beautiful, I had never realized this place existed in downtown Scottsdale. I will definitely go back! Jodi got lots of great gifts and there was tons of laughter amongst us all. It was great seeing people I had not seen in a couple years and also meeting Bob and Jodi’s family and friends.

Sophia had taken the night off, so the three of us met at Elephant Bar for drinks and appetizers! Oh, I could have stayed there all night and chatted with the girls, but we wanted to go dance. My brother works at Airia, so he got us on ‘THE LIST’, haha had to put that for Yaneth! When we arrived it was already packed, so we got our groove on.

This day was definitely needed for me, so thanks Yaneth for putting up with me for 12 hours and for Sophia for meeting us! Thank god you got out of your driveway, lol!!! Love ya girls.

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What would you do?

Having been around bodies of water my whole life, I find it very scary for my kids. Patrick and I have put Elle into swim lessons at the gym for the past two year and she is still scared of the water. I never want to think the worst but, what if she falls in, would she be able to save herself?

Well, I found about this Infant Swimming Resource last year and don’t know why we did not enroll her at least. However, this year we jumped on board, Ivan started today and Elle starts tomorrow. I am so excited for my kids to learn what it takes to save themselves in everyday situations.

The swim lessons at the gym and Infant Swimming Resources are completely different. We will be keeping them in both! Here is a video from the Infant Swimming Resources website. I can only take videos on Fridays of the my kids progress. So enjoy this video and I can’t wait to share you my kids next!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Birthday Girl

My girlfriends and I get together for all our birthdays for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yaneth had a birthday on the 10th, and we had a breakfast for her! I love Yaneth and have known her for four years now! Happy Birthday girl!!!

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