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Friends + park = FUN!

Nicole and I took our kids to the park yesterday and had a great time. Good thing she brought her awesome camera with her! Check out the photos on her blog!

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Rainy week

Wow what a week! We have been busy around here, this has been my second week watching the boys. Its really going well and I love having them in the house. My kids learn more from them, than they do me! Seeing Ivan’s face light up when we walk down the stairs after naptime to the boys in the house is awesome. He adores them, and Elle too. Tonight she told me she wants to go to school with Cello. Not Noah, only Cello. ha! More than likely Noah and Elle will be going to the same preschool. They might get sick of eachother yet.

Actually yesterday started off being rough. Elle has a bad cough and when she is sick, you better watch out. Her moods change like the second hand on a clock. Its awful! Today was a little better, now that I have her on the right medicine. With sleep and medicine and eating right, she will be back to normal in no time.

Yesterday we had a dance party, Patrick had the music on and I don’t even remember how we got to dancing. We were all playing a nice game of ‘Cootie’ and then all the sudden dance moves started flying! It was hilarious to see the three kids get into the music. They don’t care what genre of music, as long as there is a beat. You can watch our dance video here(sorry about my LOUD voice).

Then this morning when Noah arrived, it was raining and the kids wanted to play in it. So i got them each an umbrella and they ran around the driveway. It was pretty chilly, so we were not out for more than 5 minutes. Rain is fun, when you don’t get it very often!

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Interviewed a 2 yr old lately?

I love getting Elle on camera when she has no idea! She is just the cutest and will talk all day long if you let her, which I mostly do. Enjoy her interview!
Elles Interview


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Darlings & Ducks

So today I took the kids in the rain to the park! Cello got to my house after school and we were off, snack in their hands and bottoms in the wagon. That is the beauty of kids, they are up for anything. Just love it! We had so much fun, I am totally bummed I did not have my real camera, but my phone did the job, it captured the moments I wanted. Elle and Noah were all into following what Cello did, its great seeing how much they look up to him. Elle especially, since they are not related. Noah and Cello though are fun to watch, I keep thinking that is how Elle and Ivan are going to be!!! Makes my heart melt.

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Day at the zoo

So I started taking care of a friends kids this week. I have watched these boys on and off for over a year now. Elle and Noah have grown up together and get along just great. When the two of them are together they are like two little peas in one pod. Elle used to sleep in till 10-11am every morning and now that Noah arrives before 9:30, she is up and ready to greet him at the door.

So Patrick and I had wanted to take the kids and do something fun. Fun and free were in our minds today, so the zoo it was! Elle absolutely loves the zoo and she can never go there enough. Noah really was excited and had specific animals he wanted to see. We got there a little before nap time usually comes, but the kids stayed busy threw it. Ivan even stayed awake during the whole 3 hour trip until the last 20 minutes.

Home now with three exhausted kids and one coming home from school. Cello was so upset that we went to the zoo without him. I felt so bad telling him about our day, he thought we forgot about him. Next time, I will make sure to take him! Its funny, Elle and Noah want to go to school and Cello wants to play!

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Princess and a bath

Expression does not show her excitement

Elle is one lucky girl! Our friend and neighbor Jodi has given Elle some dress-up clothes tonight. I wish I had taken video of her reaction, it was priceless. She had to put one of the outfits on right away and wanted her picture taken.

outfit #2, typical girl!

She wanted to wear her favorite princess top, ‘Sleeping Beauty’. So we put that on, necklaces and a ‘Snow White’ skirt, however it was time for a bath and then bed.

princess and her bath mate

Ivan loves to take baths and everytime I start the water, he speed crawls to the tub. Then pulls himself up so he can see the water hit the basin. He just can’t wait to get wet.

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Seven Things

I have to list 7 things about myself and pass this on to 7 people. Here we go:

1. I love to play with my kids, I would all day if there was not housework lurking!
my kiddos

2. I love real estate! I love houses, and could look at them all day, every day. My dream is to invest in them and maybe someday go to real estate school again and actually get my license!

3. I drive a Toyota Sequoia, but my dream car is a BMW 645i.

4. I love to be organized, but have the hardest time staying organized. Anyone want to be my personal organizer?!! ha-ha

5. I am addicted to pictures, addicted! My good friends will tell you this is true, once I had one photo left on my ROLL(so long ago) of film. Well, I saw one of our guy friends take my last photo, needless to say; I was not happy with him!

6. I am very emotional when it comes to animals. I always wanted to be a vet but kept thinking I would get to attached to the animals.
The Year in Review

7. I love swimming, LOVE IT!!! I could stay in the water all day long; ocean, pool, lake, whatever! I am a fish.

My 7 picks are:
The Rameyers
The Tindalls
The Genglers
The Castellanoss
The Haidos
The Derouins
The Campbells

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