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Wedding at The Castle

Patrick’s friend Leif got married last night at The Castle at Ashley Manor and wow was it beautiful! My friend Nicole got married at Ashley Manor years back and I thought that was amazing! The owners really have a great vision. It was a great way to end a wonderful weekend. The couple is so cute together and we met some great friends of theirs. Overall, it was a beautifully fun wedding and we thank Leif for letting us spend their magical day with them.

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Tera’s going away party

My good friend Tera is moving from Arizona. Her husband got a better paying job in Dallas, so trips to Dallas are in my future! I have known Tera since our kids were about nine months. She has twins and Elle loves them to death. Their whole family will be truly missed by a lot of people here in AZ. We love you! Enjoy the photos from our girls night out.

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Tempe Town Beach Park

Jodi and I took our kids, plus two others she was watching for the day to Tempe Town Beach Park! They have a free splash pad area for kids. It was a great day, perfect temperature and the right amount of kids there playing. It took Elle and Ivan some time to warm up to the place, since it is new to them. By the time we were about to leave, they did not want to go. Oh well, we will go back another time. Enjoy the photos!

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40 year old club

One of our friends, LaVance has now entered the 40 yr old club! We celebrated his birthday at their house and had a fabulous time! Enjoy the photos.

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Just Breathe

My friend Aida had this posted on her facebook page and I had never heard it before. Its a great song and wanted to share with you too! Enjoy.

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Praying to you

Grandpa, I am always praying to you
I know you are listening
you watch over me and my family
When I think of how you went it pains me
You did not deserve to leave that way
However, I know you are safe
and happy to know
I will see you again someday

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Elle started Preschool!!!

My last day having Noah and Cello was Friday, so Monday I went to sign Elle up for school. She started today and she was excited. Patrick took her, so I got her into the car and kissed her goodbye. She started bawling, she was upset because I had been telling her that I would be picking her up from school. When really Patrick was and he told her that.

She only cried in the car and was fine once she got into the school. Her first day of school they had cupcakes(it was some kids birthday) so why would you not like school?! She had a ton of fun.

Elle goes Tuesdays and Thursdays for two hours at Graysmark Academy. Patrick and I liked this school for lots of reasons, but the main one is that she is getting one on one interaction with her teacher!

Come fall, she will be bumped up to going four hours each day, but for now two is just fine! She also needs to tackle swimming this summer, so swim lessons are next on my list. Here is her first day of school photo. She was so proud, enjoy!

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