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More Halloween…

Haha, my family is nuts about Halloween. My friend Sophia gave me a costume for Ivan, so now he has two. A spider and Tigger, not sure yet what he will be. This morning I wanted to see if he would wear the Tigger and how big/little it was on him. He looked super cute, hard decisions because I really like the spider costume too. Help me decide!

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MVB October Specials

I have updated my page for My Vintage Baby, so click on over! Contact me about hosting a Trunk show and lets enter your CUTE KID!

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Ariel shoes

Tonight Patrick came home with new shoes for himself and Elle. I guess he has been trying to find these mermaid shoes for her. Well he found them, boy was she excited! They will complete her Halloween costume, they even light up. She ran around the house so fast in them. I asked her if I could take her photo in her new shoes. At first she said ‘no’ and would run, then I told her ‘okay’ she changed her mind. Here she is modeling her new Ariel shoes!

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Family dinner

Sunday after we woke up from our Bunco night, we were all VERY lazy. Our initial plan for Sunday was to get up leave the house around 10-11 and head to dads. We were gonna hang out at the pool and BBQ in the late afternoon. Robyn, Eric and I were then going to hike Camelback. Robyn has never done it and its been a while since I have, it was going to be a great sibling adventure. Haha, we did not leave the house till after 3, got to dads and laid around. Eric cooked the burgers and sausage and the kids played with squirt guns. I filled them up with water and they had a blast, well Elle did at least. Usually they are not filled with water and they never get played with.

We had a great relaxing Sunday laughing, playing, eating and watching NFL. Robyn leaves in the morning, so it was nice getting everyone together again!

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Breakfast with Tortoises

I love the Phoenix Zoo! We have been members for two years now and I love going there every time. I love it, the kids love it and we have definitely been there a lot. Once it cools down I hope to go at least two times a week. Just to walk around it for a couple hours in the morning and come home for lunch is fun. It really wears the kids out. Maybe then I can get Elle back into a nap routine! Haha

When my sister comes, I really like to have things planned for us. I thought it was a great idea to head to the Zoo for breakfast with the tortoises. We met the rangers at the entrance at 7:45am, very early for us Espy’s! They took us to our spot, we ate, the kids did crafts and activities and then it was time to feed the tortoises! The rangers gave us our instructions and we were off. I was thrilled, the kids really did not know what to think. Elle and Ivan were scared, they did not want to get near them. Jordan fed them and was a little scared at first. They walk so slow but weigh so much. The heaviest one, a female weighs 620lbs. We got to pet Peter, he is a very well mannered tortoise. He loved all the attention.

We fed them cucumbers from tongs, their teeth are super sharp. They could mistake your fingers for food if we were to feed them just by our hands. On a side note, would you ever throw your kids over the fence of an animal display anywhere? Even if there were people in with the animals? Well, funny enough, yes. We had a couple kids about age 2 thrown over the fence by their parents. Shocked! When told that this was a program and it was unsafe for their children, the parents were mad. It made for a great story afterward, that’s for sure!

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I can’t wait to take the kids to more breakfasts with the animals! Monkeys are in March, Elephants in May, Giraffes and a couple others!

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Happy Birthday DAD!

My sister Robyn got into town this morning! She got to pick Elle up from school, I wish I had my camera. Elle was so excited to see her aunt! It was also my dad’s birthday today, so we invited the family to dinner for him! Before dinner, Robyn and I decided to go swimming, we got the kids dressed in their suits and went. Ivan was super tired, he got in the water and started crying. I took him back to dads and put him down for a nap, Elle, Robyn and I had some great girl time lounging at the pool! It was so nice.

We decided to go to Cheesecake Factory, which turned out great. We sat on the patio, just in case the kids needed to run, which they did. It was quite and the perfect temperature outside. Food was good and we all had a great time. Happy Birthday dad, we all love you A LOT!

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Holiday recital

Elle’s dance class started practicing for their recitals in December. I can’t wait to take Patrick to watch her, it should be interesting. She is very shy in class and always hold Ms. Alyssa’s hand. Hopefully she will become more confident in her dance and shine at recital time! I can only hope.

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