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Holiday Bunco

My friend Betsie loves to host bunco at her house for the holidays, especially Christmas. Her and her husband are awesome at decorating, I mean AWESOME. Our town has contests for decorations for Halloween and Christmas and they enter every year for both. They have won a couple times! Anways, we had a great time. Lots of booze, we did a ornament exchange and of course LOTS OF MONEY! Happy Holidays girls, you all make every month very enjoyable.

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My 31st birthday

I turned another year older today! I had a great time with some girlfriends. We went out to dinner and then out for more drinks. I wish some of my girlfriends could have come, but I had a great time. I really did not want to do anything, but lay low with the kids. Sophia called me up and asked if we could go to dinner then drinks. I said “GREAT!” So we got Adriana to babysit our kids at her house and out we went for the night! We started off at Penasco’s where the Margarita’s were warming us up and the food filled our bellies. Afterward we went to a local bar and had some drinks. The name I will not share, we now know to NEVER go there again on a Saturday night! Haha, it was our joke for the evening. We still had a blast, we always do! Thank you so much ladies(Yaneth, Nicole, Kami and Sophia) I love you all!

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“Capturing True Emotion”

I am addicted to I have bought some awesome deals through this company! One of them being a “Capturing True Emotion” workshop with Val Westover. My friend Nicole also bought this workshop and we were so excited to go. It was held at The Buttes Resort in Tempe, AZ. We paid $49 for a full day worth of workshop, which totaled to $450. We saved $401! WOOHOO, we were pumped!

The workshop was held in a conference room for the first part. We learned how to control depth of field by adjusting the aperture, strategies for lighting an artful chupacabra sighting, how to compose a family portrait so that there’s not always a burning zeppelin in the background, how to avoid red eyes using alternative angles, and more.

After the workshop we had two hours for lunch and back for a two-hour interactive photo safari that gave us a chance to put recently acquired skills to work in the gritty, real-world trenches.

Both Val and his photographer Stephanie were such wonderful individuals, they were very willing to answer any questions. Nicole is a great photographer and knew most of the information we learned in the workshop, however, I had no clue what any of the information was before hand. I have heard talk of ISO, aperture, shutter speed and metering, just did not know how to use them in taking photos. I have a complete understanding now of how to take better photos(images) just now have to apply myself.

I used one of Nicole’s cameras for the safari and now am in dire need(want) of one. I have three cameras already, however mine are all point and shoot. One I can use, however its old and falling apart. The other two I need to work with more. It would just be nice to have a more professional camera! Here are some of the photos I took today, enjoy!

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These are the photos that Val took of me, one for my birthday and the others for modeling for the class! It was so fun!

This photo Nicole and I were with Val Westover and Stephanie Adriana

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