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Ivan’s a Graduate

This morning was Ivans last swim lesson by himself, he has graduated Infant Swimming Resource! He had to swim in his winter clothes; yesterday he swam in his summer clothes.
Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Beautiful ballerina

Elle started dance today! She has been wanting to do dance for quite some time. I told her she needed to tackle swimming first. Well she did and now we are into dance! My friend Sophia wanted to put her daughter Kallie in too, so we got lucky and we got them in together. They dance every Wednesday for an hour, 20 mins of tap, 20 mins of ballet and then 20 mins of tumbling.

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My Friday bunco babes

So Friday bunco is not going to happen for me anymore. I have a hard time finding a sitter and it gets to be expensive if I do. I waited till Patrick got home from work and then headed to party with them. I made it just as they ended the last game. The fun begins!

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The best after vacation remedy

LADY GAGA in CONCERT! So Elle and I were heading to my dad’s house to pick up a dog and stopped at the grocery store. We needed some food/beverages to tie us over for Sunday. As we were shopping I got a call from Nicole and she asked me to attend the concert with her(for FREE)! Are you serious?! I showered this morning, but with packing the car, driving for six hours and literally being in Phoenix(home) for an hour I was not glamorous! I told her I stunk and that I really did not care, so I asked dad and Lee to watch Elle for me. They said yes, well actually Lee told me she would go and I could stay and babysit dad! Sorry Lee, next time. Nicole and her girlfriends had been driven to the concert, so I met the driver in a parking lot, he picked me up and dropped me off at the front door of the arena! The best concert I have been to in a while! Thank you so much Nicole, I love you!

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San Diego trip 2010

Heading to San Diego, California is always fun for us. We have been now the past three years together. I really wanted to stay where we stayed last year(Paradise Point Resort) however I made a huge mistake on Priceline. So we got stuck with 6 days in La Jolla at the Hyatt Regency, which was super nice! Just not as kid friendly as I would have liked.

This year we drove, since last year we missed our flight going there and it takes longer to fly(sit in airport, check bags, etc.) than drive. We also took our bikes, it was my great idea that we would use them a lot. Here are the photos of what I assembled to make our trip easier!

Hitch bike rack I had to build

Bike trailer stoller wheel attached!

Monday we got up and went to Scripps Aquarium then drove around La Jolla and played. It was a great relaxing day.

Tuesday we headed to Disneyland’s California Adventure Park to meet all the princesses for lunch! Elle had been waiting for this day all her life and was SO excited. We got to meet so many characters it was awesome! I loved this park as well as the rest of the family. We had so much fun, we decided to come back on Wednesday and go to Disneyland.

Wednesday afternoon we headed to Disneyland! We got in and decided to take the train all the way around to see where everything was. The kids loved the train ride. Then the rest was magic!

Thursday I wanted to ride our bikes around Coronado Island and play on the beach for a while, so that’s what we did! After finding tons of sand dollars and playing, we rode over to Hotel del Coronado for lunch and had breathtaking views of the ocean. It was then time to head to Belmont Park to ride rides and play some games, Ivan was not allowed to ride anything last year. He was only a couple months old.

Friday Patrick and I decided to take the kids on a boat cruise, we hung around the hotel, napped and got ready. Our cruise left at 4:30 which gave us an hour to shop around before hand. Elle and I bought new hats! The cruise was full of chasing the kids around, we never really heard any info over the intercom. Oh well, we all had fun, so it was a win win! After the cruise, Patrick and I wanted sushi so we went to Sally’s Seafood on the Water. We got our fix for a while and headed back to the hotel. Big day ahead of driving home. Vacation was a blast and we can’t wait for next years San Diego trip!

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