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Good bye WordPress. I have decided to switch back, more CREATIVE OPTIONS that I need and have missed. Thanks for the run, maybe some day we will meet again. Follow us here

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First day of school

Ivan started school today! YES! The day after his 2nd birthday! Ivan did not cry, he was nervous; he had his fingers in his mouth like Elle does when she gets nervous. Too cute. I wish I had my camera to video his reaction when we went to pick him up. He was so excited, talking up a storm, jumping, laughing and just did not want to leave. School is going to be so good for him!

Pictures 298Pictures 299Pictures 300Pictures 301

Ivans first day, a set on Flickr.

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Look who is 2!!

Ivan turned 2 today! He is getting so big. I love him so much and he is so proud to be two. Elle and I sang him happy birthday, he blew his candle out and opened his presents then went to bed. He had a great day! Happy Birthday to my little man! I love you so much!

Pictures 293Pictures 294Pictures 296Pictures 297Pictures 295

2nd bday, a set on Flickr.

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Elle and Soccer

Well, a couple of Elle’s friends play soccer and last year we went to many games. She always told me she wanted to play, so when I signed her up for this spring soccer I thought she would be good to go. Well, it has definitely been a challenge getting her excited to play. She is really good at kicking the ball back and forth with me and some of her friends. However, when it comes to practicing/playing with her team its another story. She freezes, runs funny, walks, twirls her hair and looks like she is in lala land! Its pretty comical.

Today was her first game, and her coach was great. When she was in to play, she did a lot of wandering around. He got her into the game and let her kick the ball in from off the field and assisted in our first goal. So that was exciting and comical.

Pictures 239Pictures 237Pictures 236Pictures 235Pictures 233Pictures 232
Pictures 230Pictures 229

Elle soccer, a set on Flickr.

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Wordless Wednesday

Pictures 213 by noelleespy
Pictures 213, a photo by noelleespy on Flickr.

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Time to Clean your WASHER!

Today here in Arizona its rainy and about 44 degrees. So the kids and I have bummed around this morning, cleaning, eating and playing. I was reading one of the blogs I like and found this…

Click here

I will be doing this today, since I have not washed my WASHER EVER!!! I do however do this with my dishwasher and its great! Happy Cleaning:)

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Amanda and Keira’s visit

Pictures 010Pictures 011Pictures 012Pictures 013Pictures 015Pictures 016
Pictures 018Pictures 021Pictures 022Pictures 027Pictures 031Pictures 032
Pictures 033Pictures 034Pictures 035Pictures 036Pictures 037Pictures 038
Pictures 040Pictures 041Pictures 042Pictures 044Pictures 045Pictures 046

Family, a set on Flickr.

My cousins arrived Friday and stayed with grandpa and grandma. The kids and I went out to their house Saturday and then the whole family came to my house Sunday for lunch.

Saturday when at the grandparents house, the kids ran wild, colored, played Barbies. For lunch we went to Peter Piper Pizza to let the kids play and expend some energy. It worked because when we got home, they were all a little more tired.

Sunday, Amanda and Keira spent the night at my house and Monday morning we all went to the Phoenix Zoo. I unfortunately could not find my camera and I’m bummed I missed out on some great photos. Amanda got some good ones though!

Tuesday, Amanda, Keira and I went swimming again and then met our grandparents at Cracker Barrel for dinner and let Amanda and Keira spend one more night with them before they headed home to Ohio. Keira really made me sad. She was crying and telling me she was gonna miss me, Elle and Ivan.

Amanda and I are only two months apart and pretty much grew up doing lots of things together. I find it amazing that we both had girls first and they are 4 months apart and then our sons are 5 months apart. I wish Ethan could have come this time, but I am sure the kids and I will get back to Ohio at some point. We will definitely see them!

We had a great time and wish the time did not go so fast. Until next time…

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