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Little People and Animals

Nicole and I took our kids to the Zoo today and we had a great time. Ate a picnic lunch outside the petting zoo and ‘Little People’ playground. Ivan kept trying to steal Grant’s ham and cheese sandwich and Elle their Nilla wafers. I do feed my kids, but they always want what the other people are eating.
Our zoo is so much fun for the kids. It has splash pads spread throughout and a Fisher Price ‘Little People’ playground for them. Obviously the splash pads are not running right now, but the kids run around them and chase each other. Whenever you hear kids screaming you know you are getting close to one.
This past year we have been members to the zoo and we have visited there quite a bit. We love to get up in the morning and make spur of the moment trips. It’s not that far and we can go in, and not worry about spending the whole day there because we paid to get in. We usually go for two hours, walk around and see our favorite animals and leave. Its fun and Elle really enjoys it. Ivan I believe enjoys it the more we go, I try my hardest to get him to see the animals and not just sit in the stroller the whole time. We will definitely be members of the zoo for a long time!
Elle wanted her picture with this goat, but typical two would not look at me! haha

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How cool is Barbie!

Okay, so Elle got two Barbies for christmas. The newer versioned Barbie can be positioned over 100 ways. How cool is that?!! I love the new Barbie, I would have died for this one way back when. Our Barbies barely could sit and the arms never could bend. This Barbie’s wrists bend! My sister and I played Barbies all the time when we were little and whenever Elle gets a new one, it brings back memories.
I will be buying the newer versioned Barbies for now on! Barbies will always be one of my favorite toy.

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Christmas with Two

Christmas Eve was tons of fun! Patrick, my brother and I played Yatzee and drank beer all day. We eventually showered and went to my friend Tera’s house for a mexican dinner! It was yummy!
We got home and it was round two of Yatzee! Patrick wanted to beat Eric this time and failed, so the tournament continues. The boys went to bed and I stayed up till 1:30 putting the main toys together. It was fun but I wish I would have asked for some help from Patrick, next year I will!!

Christmas morning is so much more exciting now that I have two! To see their little faces light up when they see all the presents under the tree. They didn’t know what to go for first!
I was really surprised with Ivan, he really got into his gifts. Our relatives sent the kids TONS of presents in the mail, which I had not unpacked till Christmas morning. Well, actually my brother did it for me! haha I guess he was Santa.
We kept opening presents, then would find more hidden, it was great!
Elle’s main present, the ONE thing she asked Santa for was a princess castle. She loves it! She found it at Walmart one day we were there. Of course it was right at her eye level, because I would have never seen it. She did not want to leave the box, it was really cute. She kept saying “I love this!” I took a photo of it for Santa and sure enough she got it. Ivan got a bunch of little people playsets, which he loves. He plays with them all the time, its fun watching the two play in the playroom together. It melts my heart!
Anyways, later we had the family over for dinner! Patrick made a pot roast and a ham, which both turned out excellent. He made Eric his sou chef, so the boys were in the kitchen and I made sure the kids were set and the house was ready for guests. It worked out great, especially since I am not a cook!
After dinner it was Yatzee time! We played one round, which took forever with all our family. It was a great time and we enjoyed sharing our Christmas together.

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Santa’s Cookies

This year, we had not made any cookies. Usually I make a couple different kinds, but I have been too lazy. Nancy and I had talked about decorating cookies for a while and so we went over to her house today and did just that! Her girls are more into decorating cookies than Elle is. Elle was too worried about eating lunch and the icing. She did decorate one cookie though!

Ivan even got in on the cookies! He hung out with Nancy and I while we made them and we gave him some crumbs. Of course he devoured his! haha. My little piggie loved the one with icing we gave him when the girls were decorating theirs. He is gonna big a BIG boy!

The girls also love playing dress up and they were all a different princess! This was probably Elle’s highlight of the day, she LOVES her princesses. I got a photo of all three of them, its super cute!

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Dancing Saturday Away

Saturday night Nancy and I had a shared birthday party at Sandbar! She just had her birthday on Friday, so we had to celebrate:) Some of our friends came out to dance the night away. This was the first year we celebrated together and I hope there are more to come. Nancy has more photos on her blog, so check them out! Happy Birthday Nancy!!

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Eight months now

My baby is 8 months! Ivan talks a lot, I swear he says “I love you!” He loves to play, read and laughs while watching his tv shows. He loves the cats. He is so gentle with the cats and when they come near him, he reaches to pet them. One cat really likes him and I have found her in his crib sleeping next to him.

Ivan enjoys going for wagon rides to the mail box and hour-long walks around the neighborhood. When we get to the park and he sees all the ducks, he lights up. The park is a great outlet for him too, he knows how to go down the slide by himself.

Food and Ivan mix real well! This boy eats anything and everything if its cut/mashed real small. He likes, chicken, spam, olives, carrots, green beans, mac’n’cheese, Special K berries, graham crackers and cheese. I could go on, but my brain stopped there! He is the complete opposite of Elle when it comes to food. I am so happy to have a eater, but my pantry is bare. haha He loves drinking his milk from a sippy cup and is also still on breast milk. This boy could eat all day long.

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Reindeer Run

My brother and I ran in the Reindeer Run benefiting Toys for Tots. It was in Tempe at 8:30am. I took the kids and spent the night at my dads, so I they could watch them while I ran. Patrick was unfortunately at work.

I really enjoy running in 5K’s, this is my third so far. This run was just for fun and we sure did have fun. We laughed so hard. When we got up to the start line, we saw the moon and it was morning! Not a pretty sight, but lots of laughs! Anyways, not trying to be mean here!

I thought the race was going to be easier than it ended up being. There were many hills to climb, my heart really got a workout. Eric and I ran the whole thing together except the last 1/4 mile. Eric bolted on me, I finished in 30:15! I was pretty proud of myself! Faster than I have been running once every two weeks! haha

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