CrossFit BattleFit party

19 Mar

Last night I had the girls over plus Daron(he really is one of the girls! ha!) to celebrate Laura’s wedding and just to get us all together and have a good time. Well, we always have fun at my house, so that was not hard! Daron and Nicole brought over their fire pit and we set it up outside after we all had some food.

We all workout together and have fun while at the gym, so add a little alcohol and we are WILD! Laura had a great time and we sent her off to become a wife with pride! The next day we all got up and went to WOD and we were not that hung over, but could have done without running. We named ourselves the CrossFit Sisterhood of the traveling Sweatpants! May 1st most of us are doing the Warrior Dash and will be coming up with some fun outfits so we look like a group. Can’t wait to show you those photos, so stay tuned. For now enjoy the ones from last night!

Pictures 103Pictures 097Pictures 094Pictures 088Pictures 087Pictures 086
Pictures 085Pictures 080Pictures 079Pictures 076Pictures 075Pictures 074
Pictures 072Pictures 071

Crossfit Girls, a set on Flickr.

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