East Valley IronFest 2011

11 Mar

Last Saturday Nicole, Daron and I(as well as other CFBF members) went to support our trainer/owner, Nathan of CrossFit BattleFit. It was our first time attending a CrossFit competition plus Olympic Lifting event and I loved it. It was held at East Valley CrossFit.

Nicole took some awesome photos so you can click here to see Nathan and some of the competitors. We missed seeing the women do their Olympic lifts, however got there at the start of their Metcon (AMRAP in 7 minutes-7 box jumps, 7 kettlebell swings, 7 pull-ups).

Nathan finished 5th overall with a score of 363. Here are the Iron Fest 2011 men’s results. Nicole, Daron and I all had to get back to our kids and unfortunately missed watching his Metcon. Here is a video(sorry about the language), Nathan is right next to Panda. CrossFit has a great community of athletes and I am proud to be one of them now!

On another CrossFit note:
Wednesday morning, East Valley CrossFit gave us(CFBF) an opportunity to participate in their WOD. Nathan, Nicole, Laura and I got up early and went to their 6am class. It was to row a 5K. This was my very first time and I was very proud of myself with my time! As of 7am, I had beat their scoreboard’s #1 time, but got beat throughout the day. Here were the results from the daily WOD at East Valley CrossFit.

Top 5 Women’s 5K Row times from 03/09/11
1. 20:39.6 Robin Bobo
2. 20:58.3 Noelle Espy(CrossFit BattleFit)
3. 20:58.5 Nicki Darst
4. 21:14.8 Natalie Wali
5. 21:20.8 Danielle Goodman

Top 5 Men’s 5K Row times from 03/09/11
1. 18:21.1 Seth Darst
2. 18:53.1 Brendon Trayner
3. 19:21.8 Nate Barna
4. 19:31.2 Daniel Feavel
5. 19:35.8 Nathan Maxcy(CrossFit BattleFit)

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