Girls Date

04 Mar

Last Saturday, Elle and I went on a date to the Arizona Science Center to see Body Worlds. I had bought a Groupon for the museum just for the exhibit. It cost me $25, which saved me $20 overall!

We got there around 12:30 and waited in line till 2. We were pretty close to getting into the science center, but when I heard that Elle and I would not be getting into the exhibit till 5, we were not staying. I asked Elle if we could go see a movie or go to the bookstore and she said “NO.” She really wanted to see the exhibit, as did I. However, I was having my bunco girls coming over at 7:30 and I still needed to get my house ready. Plus, Ivan was at my dads napping, and I did not want to ruin their day! So I then asked Elle if we could go to a ‘princess store’ and she said “YES!” I had no clue what store that was going to be, but would figure something out on the way to the car. However, I just paid $12 to park and really did not want to leave just yet.

Thank god there was a Matsuri Festival going on outside the science center doors. Lots of Japanese food, and various vendors. So, Elle and I watched some Japanese dancers and got something to drink. Then I saw face painting and thought that Elle would like that, they even could do ‘Hello Kitty‘! We stood in line to get our faces painted, I thought I would go first then Elle would want hers done too. So I got mine done and she said “NO” to getting hers done. She had had her eye on a different prize, a much better prize. I paid for my face painting and followed her to what she wanted. She wanted a Pikachu mask, which was a must better choice of money spent! She is so smart! So we bought the mask and went to find the next fun thing.

As we were walking around the festival we heard loud Gong sounds, so we followed the sound. We were surprised to find an authentic Gong player! We sat down and listened, we were drawn in. He was done, everyone clapped and the next group came up on stage. We could have sat there all day and listened to the beautiful music! However, it was now getting late and we had to go pick Ivan up from Grandpa’s.

On the way to the car, Elle and I found some stairs and she wanted to play on them. I let her and she had a blast! She was telling me how many more minutes she was gonna play. She started at three minutes, would run up and down the stairs till it was two minutes and then down to one. She was so cute. I love Elle so much and can’t think what life would be like without her. I am truly one blessed mom!

Here are the photos from our date!

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