Family Dinner

20 Feb

I have not had my family over for dinner in quite some time. It was way past due, so they came over today. I had prepared everything for the meal earlier in the day, which I will be doing from now on! It made making dinner so much easier and I was not stressed out. I am not into cooking because of certain reasons, which I just made way easier today! Yeah me!

So dinner was chicken, salmon, asparagus, mushrooms and squash. I also had made cookies in the morning, so they were for after everyone ate their dinner. So we are eating and Elle started pouting. I knew immediately that she could not swallow her chicken, which by the way was VERY JUICY! She should have had no problem. Well, Ivan had finished his meal and was allowed a cookie. So I believe Elle worked herself up and was not able to swallow. She got rid of that piece and Lee cut smaller pieces and she had to eat three more chicken pieces. Now Elle and Ivan are done, eating their cookies. Well, my grandpa said to my dad, “Wayne if you eat some salmon you will get a cookie!” My dad took the challenge! My dad HATES fish, HATES it, so this was huge for him! haha The task was complete, dad got to take a cookie.

So we were talking and all the sudden we see a pink bouncy ball land an inch away from my grandpa’s nose on his plate. We all started laughing so hard, we couldn’t stop for about 20 minutes. Elle and Ivan were staring at us trying to figure out what was so funny. Ivan had thrown the pink bouncy ball from afar and it landed up on grandpa’s plate. My dad says to his dad, “dad, if you eat your bouncy ball, you will get a cookie!” I love my family, we are so goofy. Here are the photos from dinner! Enjoy!

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