Art, you will always be loved

27 Jan

Patrick and I had lost a cat in our move from our old house to the new house. So we decided that we would go to the Arizona Animal Welfare League and look for a new cat. Well, ha, we did not find a new cat, but a dog! At the time we already had three other dogs, and so why not a FOURTH?! Yes, we were crazy about our animals. We find Atreyu(later named Art) and he got along so well with Elle, they played great together. We felt this was our dog, so Patrick had to work that evening. We go back home, I pack up the three dogs and Elle and we head back to the Welfare League. We introduced all the dogs to Atreyu(Art) and it was great, they played well. The employees at the League agreed to let us adopt him, we were HAPPY!


Art, very energetic, loving, happy, but not good with commands. I was okay with this, I can train him! Yeah right, the only time I could get him to sit, was when I was in the bathroom with the door shut and it was just him and I. Ha, literally the only time.

Well, two years and 6 days later(today), Art had his last fight. This morning, he attacked Wendell pretty good. Wendell is okay, I have him under close eye. However, this was not the first time Art has attacked animal or human. This was the last straw for me. I have too many kids in the house, mine plus others. I took him back to where I got him, just a different location. I was very strong about doing it. Although, this gets me every time, when I start walking into the shelter, dog on the leash, I bawl like a baby with loud sobs. I feel ridiculous, but really don’t care. I never wanted this to happen, never in a million years.

I am now at the counter and the lady tells me to fill this paper out. The first question: Has this animal bitten anyone… and that is the farthest I had gotten. Now I can’t even talk correctly because I am crying so hard and I can’t even see. I had to ask the lady if ‘someone’ meant animal too. She proceeded to ask me if he had bitten another animal, I said “yes” she took back the paper and told me where I needed to take Art. Now, I am even more a mess. I’m disoriented trying to figure out where to take my poor dog. Its awful, I never wish this upon anyone, EVER! This was my second time.

Now, Art and I are headed to the ‘Receiving’ area of the shelter. There I had to answer questions about Art. I tried so hard to keep it together and I believe I did. Still crying though. I kept giving Art kisses and telling him I loved him, but he knew what was happening. He would not even look me in the eyes. That was devastating, my heart broke. I’m not gonna say what I saw on the counter next to the guy asking me questions, but it was something I wish I had not seen.

I am okay, still heart broken that I had to take Art there. However, I know my house is safer and the kids won’t be harmed. Art is in a much better place, he is now with his brothers Tito and Jerome and I am sure they are frolicking through nice green pastures!

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Art, we will always have you in our hearts!

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Posted by on January 27, 2011 in everyday, Family


One response to “Art, you will always be loved

  1. Nicole R.

    January 28, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    A hard post, you got me crying. I’m sorry hun, i can’t imagine being in your shoes yesterday. Everyone is safer though and he is in a better place!
    We will miss Art!
    Love you!


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